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Decomposition Beauty

If there is a hell, I'm sure this is how it smells

clocktowers don't tell time
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Decomposition Beauty
come, see what's inside
This livejournal is full of my fanfictions. These are stories fabricated in my mind, the mind of a fan, that cast the members of the South Korean band TVXQ in various plots. I have no affiliation with the band and I do not claim any of the members as my own, slavery is illegal in America nowadays. Click here for my full Fanfiction collection.
I swear I won't bite
I think that to fully understand an author of anything a little back story is needed. To see my full heart wrenching tale read this letter I wrote to Kim Jaejoong here, but for the short version go to the next sentence. I'm a shy and confused female with a "single" father and an older brother.I have a beagle named Jack and a husky named Pepper. My favorite animal is a wolf and my favorite color is green. TVXQ is my favorite band and my favorite member is Jung U-Know Yunho. He is a sexy hunk of man meat that I want to lick up and down until I swallow his very soul. I also like his personality.
last but not least is the warnings that I think this journal needs. I have a select few works in this page that will multiply over time considerably that may be considered offensive. Not just in the case of homosexuality, which every single story is. But also death, drugs, foul language, religion questioning, and vivid descriptions of nasty dirty naughty time. If this does not float your boat quickly check the bottom of it for a hole or go to another journal page so you stop sinking. Please. I don't want your family blaming me for your death.